Gold’s Gym Beach Body Challenge


July 24


Golds Gym | Pier Village


Gold’s Gym Presents the Beach Body Challenge

Featuring The COBA Glute Trainer & Eat Clean Bro

Build more muscle. Burn more calories. Eat more nutritiously.

Saturday, July 24|  8:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.

Gold’s Gym

4 Ocean Avenue – Pier Village

Long Branch, NJ 07740


Try: The COBA Burn Class

COBA = Counter balance and the hottest fitness craze.

The COBA patented technology delivers superior workout results because it is scientifically proven to hyper-target, isolate and activate glutes faster, safer, and more effectively than regular squats, lunges and deadlifts..

Biomechanically designed with a 7% incline, the COBA Board is scientifically proven to increase muscle activation in glute and hamstring muscles while reducing muscle activation and stress in quads and knees. Less pain. More gain.

Work all three glutes muscles to shape, strengthen and build your booty. PLUS 50+ total body resistance workouts tone arms, abs, chest, legs and build core strength. One device. Endless workout options.

Classes now debuting in New Jersey at Gold’s Gym.

9:00 a.m. and 9:45 a.m. Saturday July 24th

Taste: Eat Clean Bro

Delicious meals delivered direct to your door. Chef prepared. Nutritionist approved. Fresh. Never Frozen.

Select from low carb, high protein menu options. Adapt your calories, fat, protein & carbohydrates to fit your lifestyle.

Forget the food logistics. Individual. Healthy. Affordable.

Join: Gold’s Gym

Special summer memberships (daily, weekly, annual) available for a limited time. 

The event is complimentary and open to members and non members.