Kites at the Pier


Sat. April 22 - Sun. April 23


On the beach in Long Branch


Join us for some great family fun! Featuring kite flyers from all areas of the eastern seaboard flying their most incredible creations!

Every kind of kite imaginable will be at the festival. Kites of all shapes and sizes – from inflatable flying creatures to traditional kites – will be flying high over the beach between

Melrose Terrace and Morris Avenue in Long Branch. A dazzling display of giant kites will be visible for miles and miles. Giant kite experts including the Dallmer family, Mike Pignolet and Don Petty, Jeff Burka, Paul & Tina Keeler, the Klopp family and others will be lofting some giant sea and land creatures.

Join us for some great family fun – including both kids AND parents – in the Running of the Bols competition where bragging rights will be awarded to parents and their kids as each group vies to earn this prestigious title! A favorite way to play with the wind, each competitor latches on to an 8 foot diameter parachute-kite and runs head first into the wind from a starting line to the finish line – an exhausting and exciting time!

Also on the schedule of fantastic fun is the kids Candy Drop! A kid’s dream come true – candy falling from the “sky” – with the sky being a kite. Individually wrapped candy is parachuted up a kite and when the whistle blows, the candy is released for kids to grab – and of course, to see who can get the most candy!

Other spectacular kite visuals will include an array of vertical wind feathers and ground displays showcasing a myriad of different types of kites, exemplifying wonderful fun, beautiful visuals and an educational experience second to none!

A host of kite fliers from area kite clubs will be attending the festival. This year members of the South Jersey Kite Flyers, Liberty High Spirits of New Jersey, Kites Over New England, Wings Over Washington, Richmond Air Force, Connectikiters and Keystone Kiters will be filling the sky over Long Branch.

Saturday, April 22*

9 AM – 4 PM:  Kites!

10 AM – 4 PM:  Thunder 106 promo

11 AM:  Running of the Bols

12 PM – 2 PM:  Thunder 106 remote

12 PM – 4 PM:  Festival Plaza fun

2 PM:  Candy Drop

Sunday, April 23*

9 AM – 4 PM:  Kites!

10 AM – 4 PM:  Boss 107 promo

11 AM:  Running of the Bols

12 PM – 2 PM:  Boss 107 remote

12 PM – 4 PM:  Festival Plaza fun

2 PM:  Candy Drop

*Every attempt will be made for the event to proceed in its entirety; however, weather conditions may affect the ability for the kites to fly and certain activities to occur. 

Visit #PierVillageLongBranch or #KITESATTHEPIER (Facebook pages) for updates.



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