The Cliffs


July 28


Boardwalk Gazebo | Pier Village


Our story begins in a very small cow town in Pennsylvania called Kutztown, which is home to Kutztown University. Matt Cochran(a trumpet major) and Kristin Grassi(a voice major) met at this college in 2003. They had no idea that meeting each other would eventually change their lives in the best way possible. 

A few blocks from campus was (and still is today) a small community of furnished houses that were built in the 1970s and were never renovated…down to the curtains, carpets, couches and chairs. Many college students live here as a cheap way to live off campus, but still close enough to walk to class. 

The community is called “The Briar Cliff Townhomes”, shortened by the students to “The Cliffs”. It was here that Matt & Kristin, in their blissful and carefree youth, kissed for the first time.  13 years later, they were married…

In 2009, Matt joined the iconic Jersey Shore band, Brian Kirk & the Jirks, and following behind him was Kristin’s induction into the band in 2013. Together, they have played over 3,000 shows, spanning from clubs to weddings to corporate events at various locations across the United States. At this point, you can consider them to be event specialists, because they’ve seen it ALL. 

Early in 2019, Matt and Kristin decided it was time for them to begin their own musical project, and affectionately named it “The Cliffs”.  The purpose of this project was to combine forces and create a band of all-stars, with a repertoire coming straight from the heart of every musician involved. Because of this, the sets are diverse, with unexpected musical twists and turns that keep everyone on their toes in the band and in the crowd. Genres range from the classic hits of the 1960s to the most popular hits of today, making it nearly impossible to sit down. You’ll be singing along with them all night! The Cliffs pride themselves in their ability to befriend the audience from the stage. You will feel like you’re at a party with your closest buds, and hopefully, leave at the end of the night as lifelong friends. We look forward to sharing what we love with you!

Thursdays by the Sea Concert Series is presented by the City of Long Branch. Showtime 7PM

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