Are the Pier Village Residences available to purchase?

No. The Pier Village Residences are available to lease. Please contact 732.923.0100 for leasing information.

Can I rent an apartment daily, weekly or for the summer?

No. For your convenience, Pier Village offers 2 hotels on-site. Wave Resort and the Bungalow Hotel.

If I lease an apartment, can I use it as an Airbnb or Sublet?

No. Pier Village prohibits the use of our residences to be used for Airbnb or Subletting.

Are the Shops and Restaurants open all year-round?

Yes, Pier Village is open all year round. Please visit our directory page for current retail hours.

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Where do I park?

Pier Village boasts 2 parking garages. Click HERE for daily rates. In addition to the parking garages, The City of Long Branch offers on-street parking throughout Pier Village. Parking Meters are in effect May 1st to September 30th and can be purchased by downloading the Flowbird app at: https://flowbirdapp.com/  

How can I purchase a Beach Pass?

Beach Passes are available for purchase through the City of Long Branch Beach Office at 732.571.5697

Where are the Public Bathrooms located?

Bathrooms are located on the Boardwalk located on Laird Street, near the carousel and in the Landmark Parking Garage, entrance on Chelsea Avenue.

Are domestic animals permitted on the boardwalk and beach?

No. City Ord. 116-5-I-J. Domestic animals are not permitted at any time on the boardwalk or promenade. Domestic animals are prohibited on all beaches from May 1 through September 30. All domestic animals must be leashed at all times and shall not enter any prohibited areas.

Are Pier Village Events open to the public?

Yes. Visit our events calendar HERE.

How do I make a complaint to the Parking Garage?

Please contact LAZ Parking at 973.897.7690

Does Pier Village have a Lost and Found?

No. Pier Village does not offer a Lost and Found.

How can I book a wedding ceremony on the Boardwalk or Beach?

Please submit a Special Event Wedding Application through the City of Long Branch. For additional questions, please contact the Program and Special Events Coordinator at 732-222-7000 x5447

Is the Carousel open?

The Carousel is open Year-Round. Please visit the Pier Village Carousel website.